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Valuing unvested, deferred compensation is a key point of consideration when transitioning between jobs, settling legal disputes or assessing wealth. Utilize our market leading services and daily updated reports to accurately assess and explain the current value of Restricted Stock Units (RSU), Employee Stock Options (ESO) or any other employee stock awards / long term incentives / deferred compensation.

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We provide an instant, free one page Sharpe Valuation Report on employee stock plan holdings based on current market values (updated daily).

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We offer valuation solutions.

Whether you are a company, a recruiter or a professional, we have solutions tailored to your needs.


For Individuals

Our reports provide the current value of deferred equity while expanding on situational variables that could drive a higher or lower valuation.


For Recruiters

Difficult salary negotiations can sour deals, we act as unbiased specialists in matters surrounding deferred compensation to ensure the right offer is made and accepted.


For Companies

Utilize Sharpe Valuation's expertise to ensure proper due diligence before you propose a compensation package for an important hire.

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