Executive Coaching - Compensation Packages

Executive Coaching from Sharpe Consulting can help you:

  • understand your compensation package
    • Incentive plans
    • Long term incentives
    • Pensions/Retirement plans
  • understand the market rate for your role
  • negotiate for the best compensation package available
    • understand what to negotiate on and what to avoid

Executive compensation is complicated and in addition to base salary and bonuses short and long term incentives can make a substantial difference to annual take home pay. Sometimes there are limited chances to negotiate on an Executive compensation package so make sure you maximize that opportunity whether it be when changing companies or changing jobs within the same company.

At Sharpe Valuation we have HR/Recruiting and Reward professionals who have spent decades negotiating these packages from the other side of the table. Leverage their knowledge to give you the best chance of success.

Fill in the form below and we will be in contact to arrange a conversation. Your privacy is important and we protect your data – in fact we don’t actually need your full name or personal details for Exec comp coaching but if you want an accurate assessment we will need to understand your role, experience,  industry and current compensation. If we have all the required details we can usually help clients over a very quick phonecall, if we need to gather more information on the phone the consultation will take longer.