Solutions for recruiters.

Recruiters can instantly get an accurate valuation of candidate’s unvested stock

Use our tools to standardize your valuations avoiding any costly miscalculations.

Recruiters and candidates can avoid difficult salary negotiations by letting Sharpe Valuation act as unbiased specialists in matters surrounding RSUs, options or any other LTI or Equity awards to ensure the right offer is made and accepted.

Sharpe Valuation reports and insights can be leveraged as powerful tools to protect stakeholder interests.

Client satisfaction

Maximize client satisfaction through independent, specialist, verified valuations utilizing the right market data and practices.

Expert appraisal

Leverage our services to give candidates and hiring company's confidence that facilitates hassle-free agreements on remuneration packages.

Sharpe Valuation can help clients navigate the intricacies of equity plans, deferred awards and all employee stock plans and valuations.

Try our free report the next time you have a buyout involving restricted stock units (RSUs), employee stock options (ESOs). Our tool will provide a professional, accurate valuation to ensure you can confidently agree on a fair compensation package for both parties.

For more complex valuations such as performance shares or complex stock options contact us to utilize our services and have future valuations completed and verified by our corporate clients team.