Outsourcing solutions for companies.

By outsourcing stock valuations for critical, senior hires you ensure accuracy and independence.

By using Sharpe Valuation for your employee stock valuations and Executive compensation packages you have access to industry experts whenever you need them and reduced costs when you don’t. Try us out for free next time you have an executive hire with complex compensation requirements including buy-outs of stock awards. We can ensure proper due diligence before you propose a compensation package for an important hire.

The risk

Deferred equity compensation is an essential element of hiring executives or high value employees and can involve considerable amounts of money.

Our solution

Sharpe Valuation will ensure the correct valuation approach is followed giving legitimacy and consistency to how you approach these important decisions.

The advantage of outsourcing to Sharpe Valuation in hiring/buy-out scenarios

Market Aligned

Sharpe Valuation methodology is compliant to best market practices.


An independent valuation builds trust and eliminates conflicts of interest ensuring the relationship with the candidate is not compromised.


Sharpe Valuation provides deep expertise with regards to deferred compensation structures, valuations and buy-outs.

Try our free report the next time you have a buyout involving restricted stock units (RSUs), employee stock options (ESOs). Our tool will provide a professional, accurate valuation to ensure you can confidently agree on a fair compensation package for both parties.

For more complex valuations such as performance shares or complex stock options contact us to utilize our services and have future valuations completed and verified by our corporate clients team.